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Orthopedic Surgeon Los Angeles

Although there are scores of orthopedic surgeons, there are few who match the knowledge and experience of Dr. Rezaian. An accomplished orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, and the medical director of the California Orthopedic Medical Center, Dr. Rezaian has been offering advanced laser back surgery for years to countless patients with a wide range of debilitating spinal injuries. He has successfully performed well over 1,300 spinal surgeries within the last three decades. He brings to the table ample experience performing open back as well as endoscopic laser back surgeries.

Dr. Rezaian has made a name for himself as a top orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, treating patients with multiple back related problems such as the spinal fractures, malformed spine, a slipped disc or herniated disc, spinal stenosis, and much more. The innovator of the Rezaian Spinal Fixator, he has made an indelible mark on laser back surgery research and development. With the Rezian Spinal Fixator, many wheelchair-bound patients have been able to lead normal lives.

If you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, look no further than Dr. Rezaian. When you go in to meet him and get an initial consultation, you will quickly see why so many patients have come to reply on him for comprehensive solutions to their back problems.

So what should you look for in an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles? First and foremost is reputation. Is this surgeon well-regarded in his field by his peers, and does he have positive testimonials from satisfied patients? Here at the California Orthopedic Medical Clinic, Dr. Rezaian has built a solid track record of successful surgeries, and positive word-of-mouth has spread throughout Southern California about his medical prowess and the state-of-the-art technology being employed at his modern facility.

Another important fact when selecting the best orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles is the extent to which the surgeon has researched and developed his own methods. Dr. Rezaian has left his own distinct mark on the field of orthopedic surgery with his innovative Rezaian Spinal Fixator, for the advanced treatment of an unstable thoracolumbar fracture. Dr. Rezaian has enjoyed enormous success treating a variety of back problems with cutting edge laser back surgery, and we encourage you to learn more by contacting our office directly with questions and concerns. Personalized, attentive patient care is another hallmark of a high-quality orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, and Dr. Rezaian’s patients have always appreciated his balance of candor and warmth.