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Do you suffer from Neck pain, Arm pain, Leg pain or Lower back pain or failed Back Surgery & Spinal Stenosis

We treat all of these and much more with

Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy (UED)

Under Local Anesthesia as an out-patient procedure!

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Welcome to California Orthopedic Medical Clinic. Conveniently located in Beverly Hills, California, our doctors have over 20 years of experience in helping patients with various conditions. California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic, Inc. is recognized as a leader in managing serious muscular skeletal disorders, with a focus on back pain problems and back injuries.

We are a reliable center for diagnosis, evaluation and medical/surgical treatment of muscoloskeletal disorders, as well as a trustable source for second opinion consultations.




Herniated Disc of Lumbar Spine is even simpler with laser surgery. NO SCAR For details: CALL 310-289-1991

Rezaian at Surgery Micro-Surgical Instrument Visualization of Actual Disc Endoscopic Inside Disc of Patient

Procedures including:

  • Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy (UED) - UED - 2010

  • Laser surgery as a one day out-patient procedure with no cuts, no fusion, and no brace. Fixing a herniated disc of the lumbar region is made simple with laser surgery.

  • Minimally invasive endoscopic removal of herniated discs of the neck or back as an out-patient procedure. Essentially, there is no surgical wound, and pain is relieved on the day of surgery.

  • Treatment for fractures of the spine via a revolutionary medical invention called the REZAIAN SPINAL FIXATOR.

  • Successful management of failed back pain surgery under local anesthesia as an out-patient procedure.

Micro-Porceps Inside of a Disc
  1. Minimal Invasive endoscopic, removal of Herniated Disc of the neck or back as out-patient procedure. Essentially there is no surgical wound and you feel
    relieve of pain on the day of surgery.
  2. Treatment fracture of spine: using unique advance invention called REZAIAN SPINAL FIXATOR. (see subsequent pages)
  3. With sub-specialty; a successful management of failed back pain surgery; see our website, e-mail for more information, or to schedule an appointment call : 310-289-1991

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Spine Surgery in Los Angeles

Laser Back Surgery Beverly Hills

Nearly 85% of all Los Angeles residents are affected by back pain at some point in their lives. Though back pain is a trivial worry for many of those it affects, others suffer from severe and acute back pain that does not go away. For many people, the cause of severe back pain is due to a herniated disc in their spine. Sports, lifting heavy objects, and not taking proper care of the spine are among the common causes of herniated discs, which unfortunately can only be treated with surgery. Los Angeles residents suffering with herniated discs experience excruciating pain that can be debilitating. If a herniated disc is pressing into a nerve, the only way to provide relief for the pain is through spine surgery.

Traditional spine surgery requires general anesthesia and only provides relief for about 70% of people who elect to undergo surgery. Since the spine is such a sensitive area of the body, there are huge risks involved with the traditional method of spine surgery to alleviate herniated discs. However, one Los Angeles doctor has been at the forefront of pioneering a new, less invasive spine surgery in Los Angeles with much better results. Dr. Rezaian is a Los Angeles-based orthopedic and spine surgeon who provides a new type of spine surgery in Los Angeles known as Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy (UED).

Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy enables Dr. Rezaian to make a small incision under local anesthesia and treat the herniated disc efficiently and much more effectively. This amazing new spinal surgery technique leaves no major scarring, is an outpatient procedure and requires less time to heal and return to normal activity, providing an all-around better solution than traditional spine surgery.

Dr. Rezaian has developed a new procedure called the Rezaian Spine Fixator, which has truly revolutionized spine surgery in Los Angeles. The spine fixator is FDA-approved and is designed for the treatment of spines damaged by fractures, tumors, or infections. Dr. Rezaian has also developed a cutting-edge technique known as the Universal Endoscopic Discectomy, which involves a herniated disc of the neck or back with local anesthesia and 2mm holes – all as an out-patient procedure! Recipients of this specialized type of spine surgery in Los Angeles enjoy marked improvement in their pain and symptoms staring on day one. Overall, 95% of the patients at the California Orthopedic Medical Clinic experience good or excellent results. Dr. Rezaian has even helped many patients who were wheelchair-bound to walk again. It is exceptional achievements like this that have made Dr. Rezaian and his team of specialists the premier source for spine surgery in Los Angeles.

Spine Surgery Beverly Hills | Spine Surgery Los Angeles

Recent Development in surgery of the spine

Spine Surgery los angeles1. Herniated disc, of cervical spine is accompanied by neck, arm(s). forearm(s) pain, numbness and weaknesses. If the symptoms will not be relieved by conservative treatment such as medication, physical therapy for 3 to 6 months then surgical treatment is recommended. The classic surgical treatment consists of removal of cervical disc under general anesthesia and fusion of spine using bone graft from patient's own pelvic (Cloward or Smith? Robinson techniques.). Those techniques involve an incision in front of neck 3 to 5 days hospitalization with 3 to 6 months rehabilitation with 70% good results. As a pioneer in the field of spine surgery, today I remove just the herniated part of the disc through a tiny 1/10th inch incision as an outpatient procedure with excellent results) in over 98% of cases. No cervical fusion, no neck brace, no second incision on pelvis of patient is necessary. The results are good to excellent in 98% of cases.

2. Herniated disc of lumbar spine with sciatica, also if it does not respond to conservative treatment e.g. medication, rest, physical therapy, etc. Surgical treatment also is recommended. The classic surgical treatment consists of Laminectomy and Discectomy. Such an operation requires general anesthesia and 3 to 7 days hospitalization with 6 to 12 months rehabilitation, The result of such a surgery is satisfactory in less than 70% good. Many of those patients are laborers who will never be able to go back to their previous job. However, I treat those patients with minimal invasive surgery (endoscopic micro surgery) under local anesthesia, again as an out patient procedure. The results are good to excellent in 95% cases. Nearly all return to the same job as truck driver, painter, plumber, policemen, nurse, orthopedic surgeon, etc., in a matter of few weeks, On 1200 cases, whom I have operated excellent or good results have been accomplished in 98% of patient, fair in 3%, unknown 3%.

3. Burst and compressed fracture of spine due to trauma or cancer is a human disaster., The condition is extremely painful and in many occasion needs many weeks even months of hospitalization. In many occasions the best result is a wheel chair bounded patient indefinitely. I am extremely pleased to inform you that I have invented the Rezaian Spinal Fixator approved by F.D.A. According to my technique, patient will be hospitalized 5 to 10 days. No external brace is required, Many wheelchair bounded patients with incomplete paraplegia may walk in 7-10 days.

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Back Surgery in California

Thanks to recent medical advances, back surgery is no longer the scary, fully invasive procedure it used to be. For California residents suffering from chronic back pain that will not go away, there is a new back surgery in California available that provides a much higher success rate, less complications, and has a much faster recovery time than traditional back surgery. The California Orthopedic Medical Clinic, located in Beverly Hills, has been one of the pioneers in this new method of back surgery in California. Led by the research efforts of California Orthopedic Clinic's principal back surgeon, Dr. Rezaian, the team specializes in the latest laser back surgery, also known as universal endoscopic laser Discectomy. Universal endoscopic laser Discectomy, or UED for short, has literally revolutionized the way back surgery in California is performed.

UED is a great back surgery option for California patients suffering from herniated or bulging spinal discs as well as for people suffering from fractured spines. The laser back surgery in California is much more precise than old methods of open back surgery, which means Dr. Rezaian can achieve better results with less cutting, less scarring, and less recovery time for his patients. Whereas the old method of back surgery only provided relief for about 70% of people who underwent an operation, laser back surgery provides relief for over 98% of our patients. The California Orthopedic Medical Clinic is proud to be a pioneer and trusted expert in the field of laser back surgery in California, and welcomes you to visit our office and see how easy it is to permanently eliminate your back pain.


Laser Back Surgery

With science and technology revolutionizing things around us, it has only become a matter of time to learn of ways in which one can perhaps minimize the invasiveness of any procedure. Thanks to laser back surgery, you can now get your back pain taken care of and not have much to be worried about when doing the things that you love. The procedure is advanced and accurate, so much so that laser back surgery today doesn't even leave a scar on your back! Hence, you don't really feel like the surgeon even entered your body.

Many people are in complete disbelief about laser back surgery until they go in for it on their own. Once they try the procedure out, they are impressed and have no doubts about its efficacy. In fact, compared to certain other procedures that are out there, this is perhaps the one to seriously consider thanks to all the different benefits that the option provides. After all, you wouldn't want to simply go in for things like laser back surgery without first understanding more about it. Fortunately, a lot of information is available regarding the procedure which makes it quite easy to understand and trust.

One of the other benefits associated with laser back surgery is that it is actually covered by almost all the different healthcare insurance providers out there. If you want the center that offers this option and has highly qualified people, you should perhaps go in for California Orthopedic Medical Clinic. These are the folks that have the necessary resources in order to get the most out of your money as well as maintain the quality in the procedure throughout. Once you let them take care of your back, you won't have much to be worried about. You are definitely going to like the outcome of this process.

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Do you suffer from Neck pain, Arm pain,
Leg pain or Lower back pain?
We treat all of these and much more with
Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy
Under Local Anesthesia as an out-patient procedure!