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Back Injury Treatment

If you are having back pain or neck pain, you do not need to have general anesthesia and major surgery. Instead, you need, Dr. Seyed Rezaian’s Universal Endoscopic Laser surgery, performed under local anesthesia.

Back pain that results from such causes as a slipped disc, excessive wear and tear on the spine, or an injury as the result of an accident or other trauma can be extremely painful. The good news is, however, that back injury treatment need not be surgical. Whether you require upper or lower back pain treatment as well as neck pain, the good news is that you do not need to have a major surgery using general anesthesia. All you need is the minimally invasive surgical treatment known as Universal Endoscopic Laser Surgery performed at the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic.

Developed and performed by the clinic’s renowned resident doctor, Seyed Rezaian, this outstanding back injury treatment can be performed as an out-patient procedure and using only local anesthesia. This treatment boasts a minimal recovery time – vastly less than traditional surgeries requiring the use of a scalpel and full anesthesia.

Whether you require back injury treatment as a result of a car accident, work related injury, or some other type of injury, experts agree that you must ask for the Universal Endoscopic Laser back surgery developed at Dr. Rezaian’s California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, for the very best and fastest diagnosis and treatment. Don’t be a victim of a painful, time-wasting, and dangerous failed back surgery, Dr. Rezaian’s treatment will save you untold pain and months of recovery.

Finally, if spinal problems are making it difficult for you to walk, forcing you to use a cane, walker, or perhaps even a wheelchair we urge you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rezaian. His invention, the Rezaian Spinal Fixator, has helped countless individuals.

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