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YOU and ME

Chapter 20

How To Be Healthy and Happy In Your Life

How to Be Healthy and Happy?


The God or nature has given man a functioning healthy body. One must realize the value of what one possesses (exceptional as congenital defect or human error, such as war or accident, part of the body is missing and consequent some ability will be missing. This author particularly emphasizes that such person must recognize, the value of, what he or she has got).

For a change, let me record a nice story so that you will understand what I mean. Once upon a time, on a nice spring day, a wise and rich man was sitting in a nice restaurant at a table next to a window. He was eating his lunch and enjoying the sunshine and the view. It happened that a young man health would request his help and point to his mouth. Then the man called him and said why are you not sitting at your own table and ordering your own food? The young man said I am poor and do not have money.

The wise man said you have it, sit we can talk together. Than the wise man, with the blind end of his knife banged on his thigh and said I have artificial wooden thigh, and I have artificial leg. I will pay you $5,000 and take you to the hospital and ask the surgeon to implant your leg to mine and you enjoy $5,000. The young man said I want to walk with my leg. I don’t give it to you. Then the wise man put his right hand out of his glove and said please, give me one of your hands and I will pay you $5,000. Again he replied no! No! I will not give you my hand. Then the wise man said look with this thick glasses I have difficulty with my vision. Please do agree that the surgeon takes one of your eyes for me, and I will pay you $10,000. The young man again refused and the wise man said look my dear friend, up to now you have healthy organs. They are worth over $20,000. Why do you not recognize their value and do not wisely use them to be happy and of course wealthy.

The point of this is, we must recognize all system of our body and then protect and use them usefully.

Furthermore in this monograph, the author wishes to bring to your attention one brief value of health and give the clue for their protection to last a long lifetime.

The famous disable of the world. Those whose are in stage disability, must take care for their ability and get maximum benefit from their ability in spot their disability. The most famous disable person was President Franklin Roosevelt, who was paralyzed and wheelchair bounded, but work hard better than many healthy people to become 3 terms president of United States.

Second disable the second example of disability is congressman HABIB who is blind born in Iran, but in election 2012 he won the election and become a congressman in USA congress.

The third disable a third example is S.I. a young man who at age 18 was involved on a serious accident with thoracic fracture and inability of ambulation; he had two major surgeries in decade 1990. His fracture of thoracic spine was treated in one of the best center of rehabilitation in south of California. Never the less 2 years after his accident he accepted his disability to be paralyzed, but he was in severe pain, could not sit. He was referred to our clinic we successfully revised the surgery and treated his pain, 4 years later he was owner of an auto-mechanic service with 8 employees. In addition he becomes a hero par shooter. Fig. # 3(see details in section 19). He is useful member of our society.

Those examples are mention to explain for those who have even a minor disability lose their hope. It is a moral duty all of us to support each other particularly if one is disable.



The first lesson in medicine is not to harm the patient, but I believe the first lesson must be to prevent the people from getting sick. In some occasion such as cancer, still prevention is not possible, but for many serious disorders including “back pain” prevention is possible.

The important question is why are we condemned to get back pain and the more important question is how to prevent back pain? Because of our erect posture and because of the constant stress on our anatomic structure, posture and erect of spine. Those structures including muscles, supra spinatus trauma and particularly interspinatus ligaments without support, strong muscle eventually fail, then the patient after a major physical or even a minor injury will get back pain. Many patients report, their back pain started with just simple bending, such as even to brush their teeth. Essentially, the vector of weight of trunk is falling in front of the 4th lumbar vertebrae. As we have mentioned, the interspinatus ligament is a real checkpoint to hold and to prevent the spine falling forward, with rupture of Interspinatus ligament all people may get back pain. (See section 6)

Those who are overweight and particularly with a large abdomen or large breast and more important poor posterior musculature of spine are at great risk of getting back pain. The job in which there is constant and more frequent flexion stress on the spine may speed up in producing back pain. Truck drivers, Postal workers and Laborers who work with jackhammers. People who are hours and hours sitting in stationary positions, e.g. sitting, in front of computers. Those who are working on more bend position e.g. dentist, nurse, and hairdresser are more at risk to get back pain.


How to prevent back pain?

First of all structure of the back, directly related to a good general health. The first thing that we must observe is to have good general health. We must observe a good diet for reaching normal weight as in our best health condition.

As we have writ in 85 – 90% of people at sometimes in their lives, get back pain.


What Are Overweight and Obesity?

The term “overweight” and “obesity” refer to the body weight that’s greater than what is considered healthy for certain height.

The most useful measure of overweight and obesity is body mass index (BMI). BMI is calculated from your height and weight. For more information about BMI. Go to “How are Overweight and Obesity diagnosed?”



Millions of American and people worldwide are overweight or obese. Being overweight or obese puts you at risk for many health problems. The more body fat that you have and the more you weight, the more likely you are to develop:

  • Back Pain
  • Congestive heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gallstones
  • Breathing Problems
  • Certain Cancers

Your weight is the result of many factors. These factors include environment, family history, and genetics, metabolism, (the way your body changes food and oxygen into energy), behaviors or habits and more.

You cannot change some factors, such as family history. However, you can change other factors such as your life style habits.


Reaching and staying at a healthy weight is a long term challenge for people who are overweight or obese. But it is also a chance to lower your risk for other serious health problems. With the right treatment and motivation, it is possible to lose weight and lower your long-term disease risk.

We will give you the clue so that you do not put on weight, but if you are overweight, to get rid of the overweight gradually, but surely.


Your Happiness is here!

The real happiness means being in a state of physical and mental health. To have a healthy spine without back pain and deformity is another precious gift. At the conclusion of this book, our aim is to dedicate this gift to you. We present to you the keys to have a wonderful life and back pain free.

KEY # 1 The Right Diet for Right Weight.

Normal adult weight in kilograms must be equal to the number of centimeters minus 100 of his or her height in centimeters. For example, if the height of a person is 160 cm. his or her weight must be 60kilograms. If you are overweight, try to follow an effective and inexpensive simple diet.

A. Breakfast:

A half grapefruit or a glass of fresh orange juice, an apple a glass of non-fat milk with a small portion of cereal or a cup of yogurt, plus a boiled egg,( if you are under 40 years old). A cup of plain tea or coffee.

B. Lunch:

A large bowl of green salad e.g. lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and broccoli, etc. With Italian dressing and 1or 2 pieces of toast with non-fat cheese.

C. Dinner:

A piece of white meat (fish, skinless chicken, or turkey), plus steam vegetables. As a substitute, you may have vegetables soup or salad. One may change the meal of lunch and dinner for changes or to fit the style of his or her life.

Between breakfast, lunch or dinner, you may take an extra apple, slices of fresh carrots, or citrus fruit. A few slices of carrots fill the stomach and feel like a steak meal. If need a few almonds or walnuts, may add to the diet.

Smoking strictly must be prohibiting for a better results.

Smoking and excessive alcohol intake is prohibited in this diet. Sometimes one may take just a few nuts, e.g. almonds, peanuts, etc. People over the age of 30, with this diet will need a daily supplement of vitamins, which are as follows: Multivitamins one tablet twice a day; vitamin C, 1000 mg per day; and vitamin E, 800 I.U. per day. Women over the age of 40 years need calcium supplement 1500 mg per day. Citrate Calcium is more absorbable and recommended. Women over the age of 45-50 need hormone therapy too.

Key # 2 Exercises

Even if one would be on stage of good health and normal weight, it is not a guarantee not to get back pain. In the 21st century with sophisticated technology most physical work is carried out by machine, constantly move one motion e.g. bending to feed a machine, everybody is going to be at risk for back pain. To prevent neck and back pain, we recommend the following 10 exercises that take 10 to 15 minutes to perform every day, once or better twice every day. These exercises are recommended both for prevention of neck and back pain as well as the treatment in con-junction to the other treatment.

Neck exercise

After age 40, because of weakness of muscle and collapsed discs, the normal curvature of the neck increases the height of the neck shrink, the skin and muscles get loose and the ugly neck crease (s) develops. The following 4 exercises not only help to get rid of neck pain, but prevent or treat neck creases too. Sit on the edge of your bed or chair or just stand and bend your neck forward and backward (Fig. 1 and 2) forcefully and efficiently. Just you forcefully said yes, yes, yes, to your beloved one. Two the others while you are in the same position, turn your chin to the right and left or just like you said no, no, no. (Fig. 2, 3, and 4) to whoever bother you.


These are 6 exercises for the back. (Fig # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

  1. Stand and stretch your back straight.
  2. Bend backward and bring your right hand behind the left knee.
  3. Reverse; bring your left hand behind the right knee.
  4. Lie on your stomach and raise your right leg backward as much as you can.
  5. Lie on your stomach and raise the left leg backward as much as you can.
  6. Raise both shoulders; arms and legs make a boat.

If you are overweight or you have back pain you may put a pillow beneath your abdomen this trick tremendously will help your exercises performance.



The philosophers believed that man in 6th millennium with all advancement and surprising achievement is not happier than 100 years ago. For your ultimate happiness, please consider reading the following 25 principals. You must memorize these principals.

  • 1. Keep your heart free of hate
  • 2. Keep your mind free from worry
  • 3. Life is short- too short. Expect little, Give much.
  • 4. Fill your live with love.
  • 5. Scatter sunshine from yourself.
  • 6. Think of others as you think of yourself.
  • 7. Do all you can for people without expecting personal gain.
  • 8. Think of your existence and magnificent universe.
  • 9. Find GOD in your heart.
  • 10. Thing good, talk good and do good, all the time.
  • 11. Listen and learn a little bit more every day.
  • 12. Always do your best, for more improvement.
  • 13. If someone did badly, you forgive and forget.
  • 14. Nobody’s life is perfect; see positive sides of your life.
  • 15. Have a job and a hobby.
  • 16. Start with engagement, however small it maybe.
  • 17. Never get disappointed, always there is another chance.
  • 18. Be the best, best of yourself.
  • 19. Live fully everyday and take the maximum of it.
  • 20. All disable people are able to do some simple work.
  • 21. President Franklin Roosevelt was a wheelchair bounded disable, but president of USA.
  • 22. Winston Churchill said” The most important world affairs have been accomplished by a physical disabled people.”
  • 23. Never get angry, all bad events eventually pass.
  • 24. Always there is, a chance.
  • 25. Life is like a glass of a nice wine. Believe the first and last drops are equally enjoyable.