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UED and Dr. Rezaian Can Help Resolve Sports and Auto Back Injuries

Numerous people suffer from horrible back injuries as result of sports accidents and auto accidents. Even more people suffer from back conditions resulted from lifting heavy objects and not properly caring for the spine. Unfortunately, around a large majority of all those who suffer from serious back problems have to undergo surgery in order to treat it. We all know what a back surgery means: a lot of pain and a very long recovery time. Luckily, Dr. Seyed Rezaian, who can be found at the California Orthopedic Medical Clinic, has invented an innovative procedure. This procedure is called Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy and it is also known as UED. This back surgery at California Orthopedic Medical Clinic uses a laser instead of a scalpel, which is less invasive and generally leads to a shorter recovery time.

All those who are interested in back surgery should consider a meeting with Dr. Rezaian, as his innovative procedure has helped many even instantly. The UED is highly efficient in back pain treatment and since it doesn’t require long recovery time, it is often preferable to the painful back surgeries of the past. Of course, this modern treatment should only be attempted after conservative methods—such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, and rest—have been attempted.

Consult with Dr. Rezaian by scheduling a meeting online through this page. Any medical records you have will help him with his diagnosis, though he is also capable of looking for irregularities himself, including use of an open MRI Los Angeles patients truly prefer to other MRI methods.