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Those in Need of a Herniated Disc Operation can Trust Dr. Rezaian

At some point in life, nearly 85% of people experience some sort of back pain. Yet, back pain serves as a mild irritation for some, for those suffering from a herniated disc, the pain can be nearly unbearable. Perhaps even more frustrating, a herniated disc is often unable to heal on its own. That's why the disc herniation treatment from the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic serves as a truly life-changing procedure for so many patients.

At the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic, our head doctor, Seyed Rezaian, MD, FRCS, FICS is among the top practitioners of various options for herniated disc operation is Southern California. Utilizing a state-of-the-art procedure known as the Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy, Dr. Rezaian will make a small incision in the back, allowing a camera to be inserted. The feed from the camera will then guide the doctor's laser in order to remove the soft material that protrudes and causes pain.

With Dr. Rezaian's cutting-edge methods, the out-patient procedure is minimally invasive, with most patients able to feel the benefits within a matter of hours! As an expert in back pain, Dr. Rezaian leads a truly skilled team that even offers the open MRI Los Angeles residents trust for safe and effective diagnosis. If you're suffering from back pain, the expert medical team at the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic is able to help. In the past, those suffering from back pain had to live with it for the remainder of their lives – but not anymore. Discover what so many former patients already have with Dr. Rezaian at his staff.