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Spinal Stenosis Symptoms and Treatment with Laser Back Surgery

Dr. Rezaian of the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic has seen his fair share of back injuries in his day, from fractures of the spine to injuries stemming from failed back surgery. One illness he treats often is called spinal stenosis, which occurs when the spinal canal narrows. This causes a wide range of issues for the sufferer, including:

  • Numbness
  • Constant pain
  • Feelings of weakness
  • Severe pain when lying down
  • And many more problems, ranging from low levels of constant aching to incapacitating pain.

Spinal stenosis can also cause sufferers to shift their weight as to not aggravate the areas in pain. This can cause further issues, as well, when certain areas of the body are now responsible for carrying a disproportionate amount of weight.


Don't worry if you are suffering from spinal stenosis; there is hope. Dr. Rezaian offers spinal stenosis treatment that is minimally-invasive and sometimes immediately effective. His procedure for fixing spinal stenosis is called the Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy, or UED for short. The operation is performed completely under local anesthesia and is an outpatient procedure.

Seyed Rezaian, MD, PhD, FRCS, FICS has decades of experience as a spinal surgeon. His clinical specialty is orthopedic and spinal surgery for back and spine disorders and has been widely published on the subject. His UED treatment and his spinal fixator have helped many find relief from their life-altering back pain. To learn more about laser back surgery with Dr. Rezaian, visit the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills.