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Specialized, Minimally-Invasive Lower Back Surgery from Dr. Rezaian

A huge percentage of the population suffers from back related problems. Some of them are so severe that they can only be treated through surgery. The idea of undergoing back surgery through traditional methods is horrible, as the level of pain involved is very high; in addition to this, the recovery time is very long and requires a lot of effort both from the patient and from caregivers. Dr. Seyed Rezaian runs the California Orthopedic Medical Clinic and is specialized in providing treatment for neck, arm, leg, and lower back pain. He is the one who invented, developed and implemented a minimally-invasive procedure called Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy, endoscopic discectomy or UED for short.

Dr. Rezaian is one of the specialists who understand how difficult undergoing a back surgery is for the patient. This is the reason why he worked so much in creating a procedure that can work as spinal stenosis treatment, herniated disc treatment, and treatment for all sorts of other back conditions and diseases. In spinal stenosis, the spinal cord’s passage is restricted as result of the fact that the spinal canal is narrowed. The condition is an extremely painful one and the problem is that it also creates a numbing sensation and reduces the motor control. Thanks to the UED procedure, Dr. Rezaian makes only minor incisions on the back and using the laser, he manages to solve the problem.

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