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Outpatient Laser Back Surgery Can End Your Constant Pain

At best, back pain is a constant irritant, a nagging sensation that makes daily tasks just a little bit tougher. At worst, back pain can be debilitating, keeping even the most resilient people drugged up or in bed. Well, there is hope for those who would rather deal with constant pain than undergo the aggressive, traditional back surgery. Out of his Beverly Hills office, Seyed M. Rezaian, MD, PhD, FRCS, FICS offers minimally-invasive laser back surgery that has the potential to finally end your pain for good.

From spinal stenosis treatment to fixing pain following a workplace injury, Dr. Rezaian has decades of experience in minimally-invasive spine surgery. His treatment is called Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy. The procedure uses small incisions, tiny endoscopes, and modern lasers to successfully remove the offending spinal tissue. It's an outpatient procedure that can be done completely under l0ocal anesthesia. Dr. Rezaian has seen many people experience immediate improvement. In fact, Dr. Rezaian has successfully treated over 98% of his patients at his California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Rezaian encourages anybody with neck, arm, leg, or back pain to come to his office for a consultation. Oftentimes patients are nervous about treatment, especially following a failed back surgery. In these cases, Dr. Rezaian can explain his methods in depth and show examples of his successful past treatments. If, in the end, you don't feel comfortable with treatment, then Dr. Rezaian can suggest non-surgical methods to try and get you living a life without back pain.