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Orthopedic Spine Surgery

When back pain is persistent despite chiropractic treatments, medical massage and physical therapy, many patients turn to the option of orthopedic spine surgery. Orthopedic spine surgery can be used to treat a range of spinal issues that includes herniated and bulging disks between vertebrae, pinched nerves, arthritis, bone spurs and sciatica. Traditionally, open back surgery has been used to treat spinal issues that could not be resolved without surgery. However, the open back surgery technique can be quite dangerous. It requires general anesthesia, is very invasive, and has been known to result in worse pain after the procedure than the patient experienced before surgery. Thanks to great advances in the medical world such as the advent of lasers, a new type of orthopedic spine surgery has been developed that is a much better alternative to traditional open back surgery.

Instead of open back surgery, the new orthopedic spine surgery is called Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy. Performed with the exacting precision of a laser, universal Endoscopic laser Discectomy (UED) can be done under local anesthesia and avoids disturbing as much surrounding tissue and nerves as possible. Whereas orthopedic spine surgery used to require months of painful recovery, patients who undergo the laser back surgery technique will recover in as little as five days. One of the pioneers of the new laser orthopedic spine surgery is Dr. Rezaian, a Los Angeles spinal specialist who has successfully treated thousands of patients with the new universal endoscopic laser discectomy procedure. Having a healthy, functional spine without pain is a blessing that is often best achieved with laser orthopedic spine surgery.