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Orthopedic Surgeons Beverly Hills

Back pain caused by a congenital disorder, accident, slipped disc, fracture, or herniated disc requires surgical intervention with an orthopedic surgeon. The aforementioned injuries cannot be relieved by traditional chiropractic treatment or painkillers, which is why so many sufferers of back pain seek the expertise of orthopedic surgeons in Beverly Hills, such as Dr. Razaian. With over three decades of experience performing back surgeries and over 1300 successful operations, Dr. Rezaian has a truly unmatched reputation among orthopedic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Aside from performing such a long list of consistently successful open back and endoscopic back surgeries, Dr. Rezaian is also a published author of over a hundred medical articles and papers.

Dr. Razaian’s universal endoscopic discectomy method of back surgery is renowned for the broad range of patients it can be performed on; patients ranging from 13 to 94 have been successfully relieved of their back ailments via Dr. Rezaian’s surgery techniques. Dr. Rezaian’s extensive experience and dedication to his patients’ well being has made him one of the premier orthopedic surgeons in Beverly Hills. For more information regarding how back surgery with Dr. Rezaian can provide life-changing relief from back ailments and injuries, please call 310 289 1991 and schedule an appointment.