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Orthopedic Surgeon Beverly Hills

From herniated disc treatment to fixing failed back surgery, Dr. Seyed M. Rezaian, MD has over 25 years of experience treating back pain problems. Working with the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic, Inc., Dr. Rezaian is an orthopedic surgeon Beverly Hills patients know they can turn to when other treatments have failed for compassionate, effective attention. One such spine surgery in Los Angeles during March of 2012 exemplifies this stellar care.


A woman, Maria, fell on her lunch break and had an incredible amount of back pain. She went to a doctor who gave her physical therapy and medicine, but after 3 months she still had pain and had to wear a belt. Furthermore, she couldn't walk without having to stop and had continuous pain. Then, she found Dr. Rezaian, who decided she needed Universal Endoscopic Discectomy (UED), a procedure that he himself helped to develop.


The UED works by using a small incision to insert a tube which contains a microscopic camera. This camera allows the orthopedic surgeon in Beverly Hills to see inside the back without invasive surgery. The doctor then uses a laser to remove the offending tissue. It's mostly an outpatient procedure; patients are free to go home day of the surgery and they feel the results right away. Maria sent Dr. Rezaian a letter of thanks within a month, mentioning that she can now walk without a girdle, without pills, and without pain.


If you're considering visiting an Orthopedic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, then contact Dr. Rezaian and his team of doctors at (877) 397-9616 or at www.laserbacksurgery.com.