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Open MRI Los Angeles

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans have become a commonly used method for diagnosing all sorts of health conditions, including chronic back pain and spinal issues. It’s a highly effective tool but some patients have concerns with being in a small enclosed space for the necessary period of time. Fortunately, back pain patients can find facilities for an open MRI in Los Angeles at California Orthopedic Medical Clinic, where leading edge procedures have relieved countless patients of their back pain.

One of the most respected medical facilities for back issues, including lower back pain treatment, California Orthopedic Medical Clinic is headed by a laser back surgery pioneer Seyed M. Rezaian, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.S., F.I.C.S. Dr. Reziaian is the creator of a process known as the Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy. Through this process, he has made it possible for countless patients to benefit from a minimally invasive form of herniated disc treatment using a miniature camera and lasers. The result is a highly effective surgery which can be performed on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia.

Dr. Rezaian prides himself on having access to the most up-to-date facilities in Southern California; providing access to an open MRI in Los Angeles is just one way of making sure that California Orthopedic Medical Clinic patients benefit from the latest and most patient-friendly technology. If you are suffering from difficult to manage back pain and want to investigate the technologically and medically advanced methods of ending your suffering, please call Dr. Rezaian and his team at (877) 397-9616 or visit our contact page with questions regarding back pain or an open MRI in Los Angeles.