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Lumbar Discectomy

Most Americans will have back pain at some point of their lives. They could just not be sleeping well or push themselves too hard on the job or maybe they had a minor fall. However, chronic back pain sufferers can go through countless remedies without finding relief and end up feeling hopeless about back pain treatment. Having an operation is often one of the last steps. Lumbar discectomy is one such surgery, used to treat back pain caused by herniated discs.


Herniated discs happen when a disc of the spine (which separates the vertebrae) protrudes out of its regular place. This inflames the very sensitive nerve endings around the spine, which can cause severe back pain. Sometimes, herniated disc treatment isn't needed as it can heal itself. If the pain doesn't lessen on its own, then a kind of non-surgical lower back pain treatment is attempted. These can include medication or physical therapy. When these fail, patients turn to lumbar discectomy.


Dr. Rezaian and the team at California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic, Inc. are innovators in back pain surgical procedures. For a lumbar discectomy, they use a ground-breaking technique called Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy invented by Dr. Rezaian. This treatment is much less aggressive than other surgeries for herniated discs. It utilizes a microscopic camera, inserted through a very tiny incision, which guides Dr. Rezaian through the procedure. Then, rather than having to cut the back open, a laser is used through the skin to cut out the upsetting parts of the disc. This also reduces the chance of complications and recovery time.


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