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Laser Back Surgery California

For California residents suffering from lower back and sciatic nerve pain, the latest wave of relief has arrived in the form of a new laser back surgery. Unlike traditional back surgeries that required large incisions, risky general anesthesia and long recovery times, the laser back surgery (California) procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient clinic and leaves no scars. The precise nature of lasers has allowed this procedure to revolutionize back surgery in California. Laser back surgery enables the orthopedic surgeon to be as minimally invasive as possible while still effectively treating the patient’s herniated disc. One of the top orthopedic surgeons performing this new laser back surgery in California is the talented Dr. Rezaian.

Dr. Rezaian has been perfecting laser back surgery techniques for over twenty years and is a leader in the industry. Over the years Dr. Rezaian has successfully performed laser back surgery on nearly 2,000 patients with amazing results. Most importantly, unlike the traditional spine surgery for herniated discs, UED has an excellent and good outcome for 98% of patients who undergo the laser back surgery. For California residents with severe back pain due to herniated discs, back surgery to remove the herniated area is the only long-term treatment option that can eliminate the back pain. Instead of having traditional back surgery, which has a much lower success rate and higher risk, California patients should look into qualified doctors who perform laser back surgery, such as Dr. Rezaian. Dr. Rezaian has performed laser back surgery on people ages 13 through 93 with life-changing results. He has helped countless other Californians with back pain, and can help you too.