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Laser Surgery Can Have Instant Results

Dr. Seyed Rezaian, orthopedic surgeon in Beverly Hills, has crafted a non-invasive alternative to aggressive back surgery at his office, the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic. Called Universal Endoscopic Discectomy (UED for short), the procedure uses a small incision with local anesthesia to allow a camera into the body in order to guide the procedure. Then, a laser is used to remove any offending tissues in the ruptured discs.

One specific operation that sticks out to Dr. Rezaian is a herniated disc surgery from early in his career. The patient was a 14 year old girl injured from a pre-swimming exercise. She had to leave school because it was too painful to sit and also couldn't lift her leg past 40 degrees. Many conservative treatments were tried first for 18 months, but to no effect. After a consultation with Dr. Rezaian, her family decided to attempt his UED procedure. Laser back surgery was performed on the patient.

Only 3 hours after the surgery, the patient was pain-free and could lift her leg without suffering. She went home the same day and was skating just 5 days later, eventually returning to school. This is just one case where UED gave instant results. UED is overwhelmingly an outpatient surgery, meaning the patients are allowed to go home the same day as the operation. Usually pain is relieved instantly and full movement is regained after only a few days. Scarring is non-present, due to the use of only one incision that's 1/10th of an inch. A consultation with Dr. Rezaian can help you determine if this surgery is right for you.