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Laser Back Surgery

Laser back surgery is the best option for those patients who have been victims of sciatic nerve pain or lower back pain. This surgery has come as a major relief to most patients who come to Dr. Rezaian’s clinic facility. Traditionally, back surgeries were performed under general anesthesia and normally required large incisions that caused huge scarring. The patient’s recovery period was also very slow.

However, with all the advancements in medical technology, Dr. Rezaian has managed to perform his laser herniated disc operation on scores of patients who come to his California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic. This procedure is performed on patients under local anesthesia with just a single incision that measures in at a mere fraction of an inch.

Dr. Rezaian, orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, has successfully performed the laser back surgery on a number of patients throughout his illustrious career. He has pioneered this procedure and has used it for the last couple of decades. Over 2,000 patients have been treated with this procedure, with amazing results. The results of the Universal Endoscopic Discectomy (UED) procedure have shown excellent outcome in 98% of the patients.

Laser back surgery is the only long-term solution to treat the herniated disc and eliminate back pain. This is the best option when compared to the traditional back surgeries that carried a higher risk but a lower success rate. Dr. Rezaian has performed this surgery on patients between the ages of 13 and 93, allowing patients to lead a pain-free life following the surgery. He has managed to successfully treat even the wheelchair-bound patients.