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Laser Back Surgery Los Angeles

Due to a range of back problems, millions of people all over the United States aren’t able to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Whether it’s by restricting movement or causing pain, back ailments can significantly impair the quality of life in those who are affected by them. Here at the California Orthopedic Medical Clinic, we are dedicated to providing life-changing care for our patients through minimally invasive laser back surgery in Los Angeles.

Laser back surgery in Los Angeles
can relieve and, in most cases, cure a range of mild to sever back ailments, including herniated discs, slipped discs, fractured vertebra, as well as spine damage caused by tuberculosis or cancer. With over 30 years of experience performing back surgery, 20 of them specializing in endoscopic laser back surgery, Dr. Rezaian is able to provide unmatched expertise and care for his patients in relieving their back problems. Many of the patients who come to the California Orthopedic Medical Clinic, do so as a result of failed spine surgery with other surgeons, a testament to the top tier laser back surgery in Los Angeles that Dr. Rezaian provides. Please call today to schedule a consultation.