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Laser Back Surgery Improves Quality of Life

Back pain is a common and debilitating issue. A high percentage of Americans today experience regular back pain on some level, and many of them forgo treatment. Dr. S. M. Rezaian of the California Orthopedic Medical center believes that no one should have to struggle with difficult back pain. Through safe, proven, and effective techniques, Dr. Rezaian performs laser back surgery that improves his patient’s quality of life to give them more happy and productive lifestyles.

Because the spinal column is such a delicate area, only the best, most experience surgeons engage in back pain treatment. Dr. Rezaian is an expert in his field, and has presented his techniques to the 72nd annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Washinton D.C. He has also presented at conferences in Rio De Janeiro, Paris, and Switzerland. His minimally invasive procedures are well known, and allow the patient to return home, the same day as the operation, without wounds or debilitating conditions. These rapid recovery times are just one of the many reasons why residents make Dr. Rezaian one of the most trusted surgeons for back injury treatment in the Los Angeles area.

With superior expertise and experience, Dr. Rezaian can make your life better. Back pain can have significantly negative impacts, and cause everyday activities to become difficult or impossible. Minor demands like walking, or even sleeping, can prove to be extremely painful. Over 95% of our patients leaving our care report positive results within the first few days. Even if you’ve previously experienced failed back surgery, Dr. Rezaian has both the knowledge and the resources to give you the happy, productive, and pain-free life you deserve.