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Laser Back Surgery for Lower and Upper Back Pain Relief

The California Orthopedic Medical Clinic offers laser back surgery for a number of serious skeletal disorders with a focus on lower and upper back injuries. Many patients arrive at our clinic without knowledge as to why they are experiencing so much pain. That’s when our medical director, Dr. Seyed M. Rezaian steps in, to diagnose your problem then discusses various options to resolve the pain.

Many people with back pain eventually get to a point when they would do anything to end their pain. Having surgery, or going under the knife, is required in very few cases, so some patients consider having laser surgery for relief instead. Lasers have been used for medical and surgical procedures since the early 1960s and have proven effective when used for correcting vision and assisting in neurosurgeries, for example, but what about in your case?

Our Los Angeles patients have been seeing for years and continue to do so for the best lower back pain treatment. After being diagnosed, some patients are finding out they are victims of a slipped disc or excess wear on their spine. Usually, Dr. Rezaian may suggest endoscopic surgery, where small incisions are made in the back for use of an endoscope to guide our orthopaedic surgeon in Los Angeles and his tiny tools within the body. Dr. Rezaian’s minimally invasive back surgery is so gentle that patients do not need to undergo general anaesthesia and have little to no scarring after the procedure. Our lead doctor serves as an instrumental resource for those seeking relief from their back pain and is available for in depth consultations during the week.