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Laser Back Surgery Beverly Hills

The risks of back surgery used to be significant, requiring invasive operating procedures that put sensitive nerve and muscle tissue in danger. Now with the advent of laser back surgery, the risk has been highly minimized allowing for higher success rates in patients. Laser back surgery in Beverly Hills has been made convenient through the expertise of Dr. Rezaian and the California Orthopedic Medical Clinic. Dr. Rezaian’s years of experience, both abroad and nationally, have designated him as a premier performer of laser back surgery in Beverly Hills. His expertise in the field has allowed him to change the lives of his patients for the better, whether it was to get them walking again or to relieve debilitating pain they were experiencing. Through removing the need for cutting the back open to expose the spine, laser back surgery sharply minimizes recovery time. Tiny incisions allow for use of an endoscope to guide the surgeon and his tools in the body. The result is a precise and highly effective operation. For laser back surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Rezaian and his associates are the premier choice for many sufferers of life-altering spine problems.