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Huge Majority of Dr. Rezaian's Patients Report an Excellent or Good Outcome

98% of patients who receive laser treatment for their back pain from Dr. Seyed Rezaian of the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic report an outcome that's excellent or good. Why does Dr. Rezaian have such a good outcome? Well, this is partially because of the advanced technique that he pioneered. Called Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy (or UED for short), this procedure is a minimally invasive, scientifically advanced back pain, herniated disc, and spinal stenosis treatment.

The UED takes advantage of camera technology to minimize the amount of incisions needing to be made. A tiny camera is inserted through a small incision to guide the tools that the doctor uses. The laser then removes any inflamed material in the disc, ending the source of back pain in the patient.

Because Dr. Rezaian's style of spine surgery in Los Angeles is so minimally invasive, it can be performed on a wide-range of patients. He's performed pain-alleviating herniated disc surgery on patients as young as 14 years old with parental consent. His UED procedure is also appropriate for older patients who might not be eligible for traditional open back surgery. This is recommended because it requires local anesthesia instead of risky general anesthesia and because it only needs a tiny point of incision.

Dr. Rezaian welcomes any long-time sufferers of back pain to come have an appointment. Any surgery can have its complications, so the team at the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic only recommends this procedure for those who have tried less invasive routes (such as personal therapy and medications). However, if you're at the end of your rope, then perhaps it is best to seek out Dr. Rezaian. Call him at (877) 397-9616 for more information.