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Herniated Disc Treatment Offered by Dr. Rezaian Resolves Back Problems

A herniated disc occurs when the soft cartilage between the spinal vertebras ‘slips’ through the harder cartilage that encases the softer matter. When the resulting pain grows more and more intense and begins to limit a person’s range of movement, herniated disc treatment might be necessary.

Dr. Rezaian of California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic can correct the back problems that result from a herniated disc. Dr. Rezaian’s disc herniation treatment is offered as a safe out-patient procedure performed with local anesthesia. During the discectomy, the doctor uses small surgical instruments to remove disc matter that is pressing against nerve endings. He will choose to either cut away the prolapsed part of the disc or utilize a laser to destroy the matter. Following the surgery, most of the patient’s lumbar pain is relieved. The general recovery time following the herniated disc surgery is very minimal. Most patients return home after one day in the hospital. Many quickly return to work in a matter of a couple weeks and resume normal activities.

Dr. Rezaian and his medical team are making advancements in treating herniated and bulging discs, spine abnormalities, and other back problems. Following herniated disc treatments such as laser back surgery or other non-invasive back procedures recommended and performed by the surgeon, patients can reclaim their lives, no longer inhibited by excruciating pain. Thousands of grateful, recovered clients stand as a testament to the positive work of Dr. Rezaian and the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic.

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