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Herniated Disc Surgery

Dr. Seyed Rezaian, MD. F.R.C.S., F.I.C.S. at California Orthopedis Medical Clinic, Inc. is a highly trained, experienced and reputable orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, and the reliever of many patients’ back pain around Southern California. Like many great surgeons he completed his residency and training in London, under the tutelage of some of the highest authorities in the field worldwide. Additionally, Dr. Seyed Rezaian is responsible for over 100 published scientific papers and 200 presentations in the international medical community. This is the kind of authoritative, surgeon you want handling your herniated disc surgery.


If you’re searching for information about herniated disc surgery, it’s obvious that you’re in a troubled state. Not only is your back suffering from severe pain, but in all likelihood the agony is radiating to your neck, arms and legs. Perhaps dealing with the pain in your spine has involved a number of prescriptions for pain medicine that haven’t been effective. You’re looking for a solution that involves minimum interruption to your life, and the greatest possible positive effect.


Dr. Seyed Rezaian’s endoscopic discectomy technique is what you’re looking for in a herniated disc surgery. Unlike traditional back surgery, this technique can treat a variety of spinal disorders with the bare minimum of invasiveness. By using an endoscopic instrument to traverse the muscle, blood vessels and skin of the back instead of a cruder cutting tool, the tissues of the back are cut and ruptured much less. For information about Dr. Seyed Rezaian’s techniques for spine surgery in Los Angeles, contact him today for a consultation.