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For Back Pain Treatment, Los Angeles Trusts Dr. Seyed M. Rezaian

For back pain treatment, Los Angeles residents have come to trust the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic, Inc. for the best possible laser back surgery. If you're suffering from neck pain (with or without arm pain) or low back pain (with or without leg pain or sciatica) it's important to understand that, as difficult as your pain may be, it is certainly not rare. In fact, 85% of people experience this type of pain at some point in their lives. At the California Orthodpaedic Medical Clinic, however, relief is never far, with procedures like lumbar discectomy frequently used to treat back pain caused by herniated discs.

Herniated discs occur when a disc of the spine protrudes from its regular place, inflaming the very sensitive nerve endings around the spine. At the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic, Inc., Dr. Seyed M. Rezaian and his team perform a number of cutting-edge techniques like the Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy – invented by Dr. Rezaian himself! This treatment is significantly less aggressive than other surgeries for herniated discs, and utilizes a microscopic camera that can be inserted through a tiny incision. The results of the procedure include a substantially reduced chance of complications and recovery time.

With the Universal Endoscopic Discectomy, the pain and symptoms that a patient suffers will be improved from day one, with no hospitalization, wounds or suffering. If you have any questions regarding lumbar or percutaneous discectomy, or any of the other incredible procedures performed at the California Orthodpaedic Medical Clinic, many of the answers can be found at the clinic's website.