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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic, Inc. in Beverly Hills has been performing breakthrough procedures for Failed Back Surgery Treatment in the past few years, and consistently improving their reputation.back-laser-surgery


The phenomenon known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is a relatively new medical condition that, as evidenced from its name, causes further back pain in patients who have already sought treatment. In an even more troubling twist, the pain that comes about after a failed back surgery is often worse than the initial problem. Patients with this condition deserve to have their quality of life restored.
After building a solid reputation for himself on the basis of spinal stenosis treatment and other such life-changing procedures, Dr. Rezaian was eager to help the clients of less qualified orthopedic surgeons than himself.


Patients visit with new complaints, often wondering whether these are unrelated to their original back pain. These secondary complaints include pain in extremities or the joints of the arms and legs. They also report pain in their neck that remains consistent and dull, and sometimes comes in sharp attacks or “lightning bolts” of pain. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome includes all of these, and patients with these symptoms would do well to contact Dr. Rezain about his cutting edge treatments.


Also called Failed back Syndrome, the increasing prevalence of this condition has prompted investigations into its treatment all over the world. Dr. Rezaian is one of the formost practitioners of surgery for the treatment of failed back surgery syndrome. His methods, however, remain among the safest and least invasive back surgeries available.