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Experience the Best Laser Back Surgery Treatment in California

For those who have suffered a spinal injury, the effects can be both painful and exceptionally damaging. That's why, in recent years, back surgery has become an increasingly common technique for dealing with the frustrations that can come from herniated discs or other spinal issues. Unfortunately, all too often, individuals find themselves the victims of failed back surgery due to treatment from an unqualified surgeon.

Fortunately, at the California Medical Clinic, Inc. you can take advantage of the latest innovations in laser back surgery, provided by true experts with exceptional skill and experience. Having managed over 12,000 patients over the past two decades, we are able to diagnose the causes of back pain and provide you with the treatment you need. In fact, 95% of our patients have experienced excellent or good results from our treatment for back issues like spinal stenosis.

When the spinal canal narrows and restricts the passage of the spinal cord, the condition causes pain, a numbing sensation and reduced motor control – an malady that's known as spinal stenosis. With spinal stenosis treatment at our facility, patients enjoy the meticulous work of Dr. Seyed M. Rezaian, a pioneer is the field.

Dr. Rezaian offers a comprehensive surgical solution known as Universal Endoscopic Laser Disectomy (UED), which allows the esteemed doctor to treat patients without the use of local anesthesia. The benefits of his method include a faster recovery and reduced risks for patients. Whether you suffer from spinal stenosis or any other back issue, the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic, Inc. is always the ideal option.