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Endoscopic Back Surgery

Endoscopic back surgery is a revolutionary means of operating on the spine. Through making tiny incisions in the designated area and inserting an endoscope, a world of difference is made in comparison to what was traditionally known as “open-back” surgery. The endoscope is a tiny camera that transmits what it sees to a monitor which the surgeon uses to manipulate his tools, one of which is commonly a laser device. The endoscope allows the surgeon to view the problem area in detail without having to cut open and expose the spine. Endoscopic back surgery is a specialty of Dr. Rezaian, and it shows through his satisfied and grateful patients. The patient downtime is sharply minimized with endoscopic back surgery as are the risks of having a back operation.

The spine is a vital and sensitive component to the human body, harnessing millions of nerve endings, important tissue, and blood vessels. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to get spine surgery from someone who is both highly skilled and experienced in surgical procedures. Dr. Rezaian’s experience as a surgeon spans over 40 years, and his passion for the surgical field is evident in his countless remarkable patient success stories. The California Orthopedic Medical Center with head surgeon Dr. Rezaian is a revered institution for its unmatched dedication to the expert care, recovery, and well being of its patients.

Back problems are an all-too common and all-too-painful problem in the modern world, but luckily endoscopic back surgery is offering a great alternative to traditional back surgery.  There are many causes of back pain, including overworking, sedentary habits, bad posture, pregnancy, sports injuries or even simply old age.  Since the back is a foundation for the rest of our body and our spinal column controls many of our motor functions, back pain can be a very crippling condition. People are always looking for ways to fight the pain, and that often means surgery, but surgery can cause just as many problems as it is meant to fix.  Though open back surgery was the traditional method for treating severe back pain, a much less invasive procedure known as endoscopic back surgery offers a preferable alternative.   

In endoscopic back surgery, surgery is conducted through tiny incisions less then two centimeters in size, and a miniature camera is inserted to aid the physician. Certain surgeries can sometimes be so non-invasive that they do not even employ the use of general anesthesia.    

Using these methods, spinal surgeons are able to work on the spinal column without aggravating or damaging the surrounding back tissues.  One of the major benefits to endoscopic back surgery is shorter healing times, as the damage and trauma inflicted on the body is very minimal.    

In the past, recovery time could take up to half a year.  Now, with these new methods, it can be confined to a 3-6 week period.   

Although a faster recovery time and less invasive surgery is appealing to anyone undergoing surgery, endoscopic back surgery is not the answer in every situation.  The most important thing is the outcome, and results should never be sacrificed.  Talk to your doctor to find out the best options for you.