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Dr. Rezaian Offers Patients Freedom from Chronic Back Pain

Living with chronic back, neck and shoulder pain is a difficult issue that affects far too many of us each and every day. Though many falsely attribute pain such as this as mere a symptom of old age, the truth is that it can plague anyone regardless of their age for a variety of reasons. As an excellent solution to this medical problem, Dr. Seyed Rezaian and our highly trained and experience team here at the California Orthopedic Medical Center provide advanced laser back surgery to provide our patients with the relief that they deserve.

Many patients are understandably wary of the idea of back surgery, particularly if they’re one of the thousands who suffer from the negative effects of failed back surgery . Despite those concerns, it’s important to note that our advanced techniques far surpass traditional back surgery, are safer, less invasive, and much less likely to produce side effects. A Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy performed by Dr. Rezaian allows patients to recover much faster and is performed with state of the art technology.

The doctor can accomplish a successful surgery with an incision that’s only 1/10th of an inch. When it comes to spinal stenosis treatment you can simply do no better than a highly effective laser back surgery performed by Dr. Rezaian and our team. If you’re ready to experience true freedom from pain for a happier, healthier, and more mobile life, contact the California Orthopedic Medical Center today to take the first step. Our team is standing by.