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Dealing with Intense Back Pain

If you are experiencing persistent back pain, or someone close to you is, then we don't need to tell you how excruciating and hard to treat these kind of problems can be. Thanks to Dr. Seyed Rezaian’s California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, more and more patients are finding out about the effectiveness of laser back surgery. Such treatments as Endoscopic Laser Discectomy, often called UED, can provide permanent relief for herniated discs and other conditions. UED is conducted on an outpatient basis and has become an accepted alternative to the more invasive surgeries that were once among the only modes of long-term treatment for severe back problems.

Dr. Rezaian has had great success utilizing UED as a minimally invasive spinal stenosis treatment, dealing with a condition that not only causes intense pain, but also numbness and reduced motor functioning. UED is also used to deal with failed back surgery syndrome, in which past surgeries either failed to deal with the underlying issues or may have exacerbated past problems.

The doctor has provided relief to countless grateful back pain patients in his decades working at his Beverly Hills clinic, using treatments that require no general anesthesia and no hospital stays. He has provided a minimally invasive alternative to traditional back surgeries that have effectively helped patients to end their suffering and move on to happier and healthier lives.

Dr. Rezaian is a noted authority on orthopedics and spinal surgery who works at many of Los Angeles' finest medical facilities. He is also the inventor of the Rezaian Spinal Fixator (RSF) to treat fractures of the thoracolumbar spine.