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Back Pain Treatment Los Angeles

Moderate to severe back pain can put a significant hamper on one’s life enjoyment, turning the simplest tasks into strenuous chores. People with back pain often must take great amounts of care in doing many routine body movements, such as sitting, standing up and lifting objects. For the thousands of sufferers of chronic back problems in Southern California, there’s back pain treatment in Los Angeles at the California Orthopedic Clinic. Dr. Rezaian is the medical director of this clinic and has accumulated over thirty years of experience performing life-altering back surgeries. Twenty-five of those years have been with the endoscopic laser surgery method, which is minimally invasive and yields a success rate of more than 98%. In the endoscopic surgery procedure, small incisions are made near the troubled area of the back, after which a small camera and appropriately sized tools are inserted in order to perform the surgery.

Patients for back pain treatment in Los Angeles with Dr. Rezaian are consistently thrilled with the positive impact that endoscopic back surgery has on their lives. With over 1300 successful spinal surgeries performed under his hands, Dr. Rezaian and the California Orthopedic Clinic are a leading provider of back pain treatment in Los Angeles.