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Back Pain Treatment Beverly Hills

Individuals who have experienced a slipped disc, thoracolumbar fracture, herniated disc or wear and tear after an accident often find that the pain presents obstacles in carrying out basic everyday activities, such as walking, sitting, standing up, and bending over. While minor back injuries can be relieved by a chiropractor or over the counter medications, some back injuries, such as the ones mentioned above, require spinal surgery to repair and relieve them. Dr. Rezaian is a premier provider of effective back pain treatment in Beverly Hills, having performed over a thousand successful back surgeries over the course of three decades.

Endoscopically performed laser back surgery is Dr. Rezaian’s specialty for back pain treatment in Beverly Hills. By circumventing the need to make a large incision and expose the spinal cavity, the endoscopic surgery method dramatically decreases recovery time, pain, and the chance of infection. Dr. Rezaian is so skilled in the field of orthopedic surgery that there’s hasn’t been a single case of infection from any of his 1300+ performed back surgeries. A great number of patients who experience failed back surgery with other surgeons seek Dr. Rezaian’s expertise to effectively relieve them from their back ailments. For more information regarding safe and effective back pain treatment in Beverly Hills with Dr. Rezaian, please call and schedule an appointment today.