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Back Pain Shouldn't be Your Standard - Steps for a Better Life

Back pain is a very common ailment, and many people simply accept it as a condition that they must live with. It can easily be dismissed as a part of the aging process, or begrudging accepted as an everyday annoyance that one must bear through with gritted teeth. The truth is that there is no need to suffer, or to rely on Tylenol to get through the day. The source of back pain can often be treated through surgery which can remedy lingering issues, and actually put a stop to pain. At the California Orthopedic Medical Clinic, Dr. S. M. Rezaian dedicates himself, through years of expertise, to alleviating pain through top notch back pain treatment.

The idea of back surgery can be intimidating to many potential patients, however it is actually a very common, practical, and safe practice. Advancements made in laser back surgery allow expert surgeons like Dr. Rezaian to conduct procedures with great precision and minimally invasive techniques. Under our care, patients can avoid hospitalization during recovery, and be sent home the very same day as the operation without wounds or significant debilitation. The previously experienced symptoms of pain will begin to subside immediately.

Unfortunately, many people don’t seek out medical help due to past failed back surgery. Dr. Rezaian understands this hesitation, and commits himself toward proving aid for patients who failed to receive positive results from previous surgeries. Through our expertise we know what to look for to resolve latent issues, and Dr. Rezaian has the skill and the experience to address them. Don’t accept pain as an unavoidable aspect of your life. Seek out the world class care of Dr. Rezaian for the back injury treatment that the LA area depends on.