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After Conservative Treatments, Consider Minimally-Invasive UED

There is good news for those who have difficulty walking, perhaps necessitating use of a cane, walker, or even wheelchair. S.M. Rezaian, MD has pioneered a procedure called the Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy (UED) to help with chronic back, leg, and neck pain. He has treated over 13,600 patients successfully through this outpatient procedure that uses only local anesthesia. Could you be next? Visit this page to schedule an appointment to find out.

The UED is proven to be a highly effective herniated disc treatment, so if you have such a problem you should definitely consider learning more about this procedure and its potential for healing. After all, it is absolutely horrible to suffer from back pain. Chronic pain has the power to prevent people from enjoying simple things in life, such as walking in the park or playing with their children. Unfortunately, surgery is often the only way in which certain back conditions can be treated. Most of those who suffer from chronic back pain have to struggle with it because of herniated discs. This condition appears as result of lifting heavy objects, practicing certain types of sports, or not properly caring for the spine.

When conservative treatments have been attempted first, then this condition can only be resolved through surgery, just like many other back conditions. Dr. Rezaian at the California Orthopaedic Medical Clinic is a specialized orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles and he knows exactly what to do in order to help his patients.

Those who need to undergo spine surgery in Los Angeles should ask for the helping hand of Dr. Rezaian, as he is the one who created a very innovative procedure called the Universal Endoscopy Laser Discectomy (UED). This procedure can treat numerous spinal conditions through a less invasive method. By using a laser and endoscope, Dr. Rezaian can fix the herniated disc, solving the problem without using a scalpel.