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Advanced Minimally Invasive Techniques

Here at California Orthopedic Medical Clinic, Dr. Seyed Rezaian and his team are hard at work providing outstanding care to patients suffering with chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. Though many people believe that pain is a natural consequence of the aging process, chronic pain is normally always the symptoms of a larger issue. Such issues can worsen over time if not remedied, and back surgery is often the best course of action. Because chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain are often caused by herniated disks in the spine, medical intervention is necessary to relieve pain symptoms. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive and delicate nature of the area around the spine, many patients experience failed back surgery through traditional methods that result in symptoms that worsen or fail to improve. To remedy this issue and provide patients relief, the California Orthopedic Medical practices high quality laser back surgery.

Unlike traditional back surgery which fails to provide patients relief 30% of the time, the Universal Endoscopic Laser Discectomy utilized by Dr. Rezaian is minimally invasive and is conducive to rapid recovery times. Normally, the procedure can be completed with one day outpatient care, and doesn’t require patients to wear a brace which can be awkward and uncomfortable. Laser surgery is also much more precise and carries a much lower risk of complications or side effects. Our advanced techniques are a big part of why patients prefer our services, and all of our treatment options, including Dr. Rezaian’s spinal stenosis treatment yield positive results and improve the quality of life. Our team is standing by to remedy your pain today!